Pots you may use for your plants

It's one of those things you don't consider until you're actually among the plants. the various pots. Size, depth, drainage, diameters, plastic, ceramic, bigger, smaller... Different types of containers are better suited for each plant or group of plants. Let's categorize things.

Suggestions before selecting the type of pot

It is evident that when we wish to grow a plant, we frequently base our decision on the pot's color, form, material, smoothness, reliefs, etc. We frequently focus on the pot's visual appeal, but have you thought about whether the plant you intend to place in it will be "comfortable"?

Before choosing the aesthetic component, there are a few things to think about:

  • Find out the maximum height and volume that the plant can grow to. The ultimate container will be decided by this.
  • Choose the pot's construction material: Be careful while handling the plastic pots that go inside, even if you use another pot afterward to decorate. Some plants have roots that are more heat-sensitive than others. If they are left in the sun, the plastic ones gather a lot of dust.

Most typical pot materials

Plastic vases

The majority of plants won't cause us any issues, and they are inexpensive. Since the root zone can retain an excessive amount of heat, it is important to exercise caution while exposed to the sun, as we have already indicated.

Porous clay

The issue of heating does not exist. There will be more frequent watering since evaporation is increasing. This kind of container will be beneficial to plants that have a poor tolerance for water saturation. The salts' propensity to "stick" to the sidewalls is one of the most prevalent issues. The salt content might eventually become hazardous to the plant or perhaps too high for it.

Painted clay

Perhaps one of the better sorts. We don't have the warmth and salt buildup issue. The pores are sealed up, which significantly reduces water evaporation and allows for a reduction in watering frequency. If we don't want to drown the plant by creating water stress in the root zone, we need to control the drainage in these sorts of pots effectively.